Concentrated Competence

We get to the core of your concerns faster than others. By uniting various professional qualifications in one dedicated person, the partners at Dehmer & Partner are capable of attending to their clients’ legal, tax and economic interests with a very high level of efficiency. This enables us to intensively support your long-term success.

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On a level playing field.

Our clients do not appreciate ivory tower suggestions. They want practical, proven and innovative solutions as well as clear, concise answers to their questions. Above all, they need a consultant that they can depend on in any given situation.

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Specialized - Regardless of the Diversity

Do you seek the advice of a construction engineer for your IT concerns or expect a controller to check your tire pressure?Specialization makes sense, and not every law firm suits every client.We’re specialists in our sectors of activity that suit our most important target group: the decision-making family-owned and operated businesses.

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